Dearly Beloved

by Doll Butcher

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The third installment of Doll Butcher's RPM Challenge series. Dearly Beloved is inspired by the emotions and experiences that are drawn from the heart. The logo is a "D" and "B" that turns into a broken heart when turned sideways. The blend of electronic instruments and classic rock instruments are more prominent on this album while also pulling influences from funk, hip hop and metal.


released March 1, 2017

Adam and Chris Carignan



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Doll Butcher

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Track Name: Doom Brigade
We're collapsing
We're full collapsing

We're collapsing
The world around us
Is falling apart
That's the last thing I can recall
We fall

We're collapsing
We're full collapsing

We're surrounded
They're all around us
Crushing the heart and the spirit
Suck out the soul
We fall
Track Name: Dearly Beloved
Have a heart like children
And evolve the hedons we'd become
A super human force

Now the crowds are bleedin
Tear ap art the demons we'd become
An unstopable force

Now the crowds are screaming
Tell us all the reasons we've become
A super human force

We'll defend our women
We'll evolve our children to become
An unstopable force
Track Name: Deal Breaker
Where the outcast sleeps
After being exhiled

Earth has eaten me
Need to defeat our rivals

Run my little one
Escape into the wild

Hide and wait for me
Beneath the weeping willow trees

Break out hearts
Track Name: Digital Ballad
Rage on , crazy heart
Pick up the pieces of your long lost life and start a new

Face the truth
We can start again a new

Strap in, let’s begin
T minus 15 seconds

We can start again a new on the moon
Track Name: Distress Beacon
You have everything you've ever wanted You can't stop the greed
The heartfelt apologies pretending you got feelings
Are you serious, we see right through your bullshit, baby we won't quit we'll just...

Rise. Unite.
Don't tell me you can't feel the danger inside

Send up the flare for back up with your distress beacon
Go ahead be you make a move right now we're just beginning
Are you delirious, we believe truth Trumps alternatives and that's a fact, you better...

Run. Chase.
Don't tell me you can't feel the danger inside
Track Name: Dagger's Blade
Did you bring the amulet, so we can make it out of here?

Behind the walls that cover all. Sharpen up your dagger's blade.

The dragon breathes the fire in. Inferno raging in his chest.

Sprint for the entrance of the cave I see the light from outside.
The dagger's blade to penetrate the heart and free the fire back out.
Track Name: Dirt Bag
How'd we get here like you've know from the start
You've got no
You've got no heart

The knife twists and opens the scars
I got no
I got no heart

They will try to tear us apart
They got no
They got no heart

We will try to forget and restart
We got no
We got no heart