Deadly Brothers

by Doll Butcher

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This album was written and recorded in one month by Adam and Chris Carignan as part of the 2016 RPM challenge.


released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Doll Butcher

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Track Name: Dialogued Brief
The evil global organization "Dawning Brain" has been terrorizing cities around the world. They have a force so powerful only the strongest, most badass warriors will be able to take them head on.

Secret operations task force known as "Deadly Brothers" are the only chance the world has against total global domination.

Go Hard, Go Strong and Give Them Hell.
Track Name: Decimated Brutality
Yeah, we need a little more violence.

In the air
We fight fair
Right up 'til the bitter end
To bleed you dry until there's nothing left.
Track Name: Destabilizing Burglary
Henchmen are on guard
We're gonna go far
I'll give you a head start
Before we tear this place apart

Here and now the only way is down
Hear the sounds buried underground.
Track Name: Dropping Bombs
A day in your head.
Interpret the words like dropping bombs.

An evil mindset.
The lifeless are crawling up the walls.

One day you'll find it.
The precious that you'd been longing for.

An Army righteous.
To fight with stations/battlefronts.
Target, lock and load.
We'll be dropping bombs.
Track Name: Deforming Balista
She's haunting my dream as the city sleeps.
Light-years in between world's and galaxies.
You're not alone, we're not alone.
Bottle the storm, love and fury.

Varying degrees of velocity.
Lifted overhead, defying gravity.
A firestorm. A lightening bolt terrarium of black and green.
Now are you ready for the action?
We get satisfaction
When we’re crushing all the factions.
Reactive detractions.

Hide your children and your wives,
He’s coming for your lives.

The ship’s descending from above us.
Our power suits took brutal damage.
Get up we’re going on a rampage
To reclaim the fortress.

We need to get further
To stop the mass murder.
Deploying the soldiers,
Track Name: Desecrated Battleground
Send up the warhead.
Kiss the ring.

Brothers in deadly arms
Will bring hell and overcome.

Empires will fall.
Evil machines will crumble.

Torrents of the storm.
Open up Pandora.

Through the raining arrows,
Helping dangerous heroes
Take back control.
We’re survivors, hell hasn’t seen our fire.
Track Name: Deadly Brothers
Under the cloak of darkness.
Living life without regrets.
My face is covered with dirt and sweat.
Waiting patiently for the perfect chance.

Under the walls of the turrets.
Ready the shields for the fortress.
My head is swimming with adrenaline.
The killer's reveille for the first and dead.

The Deadly Brothers are coming for your head
The killer is bigger come on get up we got this.
Track Name: Dismantled Borders
Apocalypse hasn't changed us yet.
I’ll never be coming home.

I'm bold, I'm cold.
Never bought, Never sold
Baby, I'll be coming home.