Doll Butcher

by Doll Butcher

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This album was written and recorded in one month by Adam and Chris Carignan as part of the RPM challenge.


released March 1, 2015

Music for "District B", "Day Break", "Drowning Beauty", and "Dodging Bullets" written by Adam Carignan. Guitars and Vocals by Adam Carignan. Drums by Chris Carignan. Chiptune tracks generated using "Dungeon tunes," created and programmed by Chris Carignan. Recorded and mixed by Chris Carignan.



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Doll Butcher

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Track Name: Digital Beginnings
"Doll butcher" "Start"
Track Name: District B
Burning wells and raising hell
The missiles whistle through the air

It will take more time to make
a new life out of this

Ghosts of cars and buildings are but
distant memories she said

We’ll have to work to rise again
the world is sitting on the brink

This is the state
This is a sign warning
That you can’t get what you want
The Dystopian Dream

You ring the bell
I’ll fill the shells on three
Might have to take ‘em all out
The Dystopian Dream
Track Name: Day Break
Come on, get up
Get in the car

I’m gonna drive us far away from here

On the road and
On the run

From what we left behind that night

Constant streaming
Data infecting your head

Breath in, cave in
Wearing your bones paper thin

Wake up, you’re dreaming
Erase the thoughts from your head

Blind and believing
Wiping the blood from your hands
Track Name: Drowning Beauty
Ascending in the sky
Clouds are darting by
Slow and shrinking mountains
Climbing on the rise

Plastic masks are falling
Smoke is rising
Lights are flashing
I can see that the end is nigh

People soaring falling from the plane
Her skin is blue sinking in the waves

Fear and panic looping on replay
Life will be different forward from today
Track Name: Dodging Bullets
Danger in the streets
It consumes you and me
Pushing through the people
Like climbing through the trees

I will love you forever
Treat you like there is no other

We’re a ticking time bomb
Lift me, fix me like a mother

You'll be still in me
In the land of frozen dreams
Pushing through the winter like
Swarms of killer bees

I will love you forever
Treat you like there is no other

We’re a ticking time bomb
Lift me, fix me like a mother